Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Time When I Read a Person Wrongly

  Have you ever read a person wrongly? Imagine how ashamed you will be if you went
through that experience. Well unfortunately I've been there.

  It was a few years back; there was this boy who was new the new student. He was a big and tall person which makes him look like an unfriendly person. This statement was proved when I and my friends wanted to introduce ourselves to him and he did not respond. So from that day onwards nobody has ever talked to him until one day.

  It was Friday, the last day of school before a one week holiday, on the last period, I was making my way to my seat from the toilet when I slip and fell. All the other students was laughing and pointing at me except for one person. The new boy came to me and checked whether I was okay. I didn't suffer any injury. The moment he helped me, I was stunned. I totally read him wrongly. I thanked him and have the guts to ask him his name. He replied me and said that his name was David. David is actually a very friendly person. Ever since that day, we became best friends.

  The conclusion from the above incident is to never assume the person is unfriendly by judging through appearance and first impressions. As the saying goes, ' Never judge the book by its cover '.

If I Was The Last Man On Earth!

  If I was the last man on earth...Hmm...I've been walking around and asking people what will they do if their the only human on earth, their answers are all the same which is suicide... I'm not going o do that!

  In fact, I will try my very best to find another human companion. If i fail to do so, than I will be walking around this lonely earth, maybe watch tv all day at home. That will be too boring. Okay, maybe I will try to do things that I've never done before like going to arcades and other fun places to go to. But I'll still be lonely. What must I do? I'm alone, no one to talk to. I think the best solution is to try and regain the human population by doing some scientific experiments instead of just wasting my time since I'm the last person on Earth. But the benefits is that there will be no pollution going on. how cool is that! Maother Nature will finally get a break from all these pollution caused by humans. This will reduce global warming and reduce the risks of other natural disasters!

  I hope that I won't be the last man on earth. I will be so lonely and many factors will make me give up life by I know that I won't be crazy enough to do so. So live your life while there is still someone with you!